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Leadership Workshops

Inspire your team through a growth
mindset approach to leadership.


Mountains are symbols of patience and strength, effort and inspiration. Mountaineering holds a central place in modern business and society, a paradigm for how teams striving for a goal can achieve what others consider impossible.

Combining our passion for mountaineering and leadership, we work with you in providing powerful and memorable trainings that can deliver, real, long lasting change.  Programs are tailored to suit your team and use a number of techniques such as coaching, challenges, experiential learning and workshops. 


Mountain Gipsy leadership training uses role-playing, group discussion and experiential activities to create a true learning experience for your employees. Through hands-on exercises and dynamic discussions, your team will learn leadership best practices to help you maximize productivity, drive breakthrough innovation, and gain a competitive edge for your company. 


Consider the potential as your team begin to lead like a mountaineer – exhibiting empathy, being thoughtful about the impact of how to lead, building others up, developing trusting relationships, accurately assessing and managing risk, and maintaining a bird’s eye view as summits are reached.

Leadership Workshop Tima Deryan


We know that you learn by doing, not by listening to lectures or watching PowerPoint presentations. Schedule your FREE consultation with us today to discuss our innovative leadership workshops that provide thoughtful, intensive learning opportunities for employees at every level, from interns to managers to executives.


In the past years, we’ve seen more women rise to leadership roles in our society. An increasing number of organizations are seeing the value of having more women in leadership, and they’re proving that they can make progress on gender diversity. This is an important step in the right direction. Still, women continue to be underrepresented at every level and feel disregarded and undervalued. They want to advance and are prepared to put in the work—but they don’t always see results when they do. Many wish they felt more directed, more self-assured. 


Mountain Gipsy’s approach to empower, inspire, and grow women in their careers and life was forged by our founder’s, Tima Deryan, experience as a woman athlete and mountaineer who was the first Lebanese woman to summit Mount Everest, as a business woman who led multiple startups, and as a community mobilizer who is empowering marginalized women in distressed communities. 

Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of women who want to develop themselves, confront issues, and pull up others as they go. Through experiential learning, our workshops build on women’s inherent talents and powers so they can deepen their bonds, strengthen their decision-making capacity, and prepare to lead in a changing world. Delivered via a one-day workshop or ongoing series, we tailor our sessions to meet the needs of each audience. Our modules include: 

1- Unleash your Superwoman 

- Recognize the value of goal mapping to overcome barriers and limitations

- Develop a personal roadmap that aligns individual values and vision to personal and professional goals

- Build strategies to fulfill personal and professional goals that help each woman advance


2- Voice up 

- Recognize personal strengths and communication styles 

- Build skills to advocate for oneself and others through assertive communication techniques

- Develop and practice communication strategies that can be used in various situations and daily interactions with colleagues and managers

3- Build your power tribe

- Evaluate the current landscape and define the benefits of building a power tribe to support growth

- Identify key needs from networks, mentors, and sponsors and create a plan to build your power tribe to satisfy each one

- Develop techniques for managing successful relationships to create a value adding circle

Women Workshop Tima Deryan


When organizations invest in their female talent, everyone wins. Both men and women are more likely to advance and the organization itself outperforms its competitors.


In today’s fast-paced world, children and teens are looking for a way to balance all the demands and challenges from school, sports, and other activities. Some may feel like they’re putting in a big effort with little results… Some have big ambitions and maybe they don’t know how to get started on the right path and end up feeling stuck in quicksand. All this leads to stress and frustration for youths, as well as for you! 

Our founder, Tima Deryan, being the youngest Arab to summit Mount Everest at 26 years old, launching multiple ventures in her 20s, and having worked hands-on with children and teens as a social ambassador, is uniquely positioned to connect with youths and deliver true impact. Mountain Gipsy’s commitment is to simplify what children and teens need to do in order to help them understand what matters most to them, accomplish what they want, and take ownership over the process and their own results!


How Do Youth Benefit from Goal Setting?

There are generic benefits of goal setting that anyone who engages in such an exercise can gain from it, but a few of them can be particularly effective for children and teens. Such benefits include:

- Provides direction, which most youths are either seeking or trying to nail down

- Helps children and teens clarify what is important to them and focus on it

- Facilitates more effective decision making through better self-knowledge, direction, and focus

- Allows children and teens to take a more active role in building their own future

- Acts as a powerful motivator by giving youths something to hope for and aspire towards

- Gives children and teens a positive experience of achievement and personal satisfaction when they reach a goal

- Assists youth in finding a sense of purpose in their lives 


In a fun and engaging environment, Mountain Gipsy deploys an experience-based learning approach to guide children and teens uncover their purpose, fueled by their passions, and create positive and lasting change in themselves and their communities.

Youth Workshops


Help us learn more about your organization’s needs and we will leverage the unpredictability of the outdoor to help your group lead in a complex, modern world.

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