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First Lebanese Woman to climb Mount Everest
First Lebanese Woman to climb Mount Everest


To inspire people to tap into their true potential and lead a life of purpose and impact, so that they can create a better world for themselves and those around them.


Empower yourself and others
Challenge limitations
Be Authentic
Take action
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We work with individuals and teams to overcome limitations and achieve productivity, growth, and true happiness.


We form new relationships with the public through brand collaborations and long-term or short-term partnerships.


We work with organizations in providing powerful and experiential trainings that can deliver, real, long lasting change.


We offer a range of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to empowering products.


We harness the energy of the outdoor to help you build your wellbeing and get you ready to strive in a complex, modern world.


We give free access to blogs, podcasts, and videos filled with tools and tips to guide you with your journey!


We energize and inspire groups of all ages and sizes with keynotes that are interactive, engaging, and relevant.


We drive dialogue, action and change for essential socio-economic topics that are shaping our world.


Mountain Gipsy is a Lifestyle Brand. I know what you’re thinking- what is a lifestyle brand? And why Mountain Gipsy?

In a rare moment of clarity, on a cold day in July 2016 while climbing Elbrus, I suddenly felt like I found myself- I decided then and there to never stop climbing. Throughout the years, I started noticing the power that the mountains give me, the changes in my personality and in my outlook on life. Yet, what was more important to me was the effect I was having on people around me.


Self-actualization was a process for me: I felt it creep up on me bit by bit and then hit me all at once: I want to give back to the world what the mountains gave me. The mountains gave me purpose, a powerful mindset, a free spirit. The mountains gave me a sense of self, strength, courage. The mountains gave me a way of life.


So here I am, establishing my lifestyle brand. I want Mountain Gipsy to symbolize a Way of life, a Mindset, a Call to action, a Story, A Choice. I also want to inspire you and guide you and dedicate myself to helping you live your best life. Mountain Gipsy is my way of making a difference in the world by making a difference in you.

First Lebanese Woman to climb Mount Everest and Ski to the South Pole

Why Mountain Gipsy?

Because Mountain Gipsy is my alter ego, my Shero and me - all at the same time. I put together the name because both words speak to me. For me, mountains represent strength, dignity, and courage; they rise from the ground, and stand proud, defiant in the face of life. And yet, every mountain has its own unique features, characteristics and composition and every mountain is grand and beautiful in its own way. A gipsy, on another hand, is a member of a tribe of people found throughout the world who has no permanent home; a gipsy is someone who shares a wandering lifestyle.


I want to bring both worlds together. I want Mountain Gipsy to give you the traits of a mountain and the spirit of a gipsy.


You see, my vision is a world of powerful mindsets and free spirits. My mission is to empower people through their own life journeys. I want to ignite their spirit by the power of nature, adventure and exploration. I want to unlock human potential through a balanced mindset by the physical, psychological and social mechanisms that underpin personal and collective well-being.


Most of us think of changing the world but we don’t think changing ourselves first. Each event we go through shapes the peaks and valleys of our lives.

Come on this journey with me. Let me ignite your inner fire and together, we unravel your own life journeys.

Be the best of version of yourself. Live your best life. Be free. Be contagious. Give back. Achieve your dreams. Explore the Mountain Gipsy within you.

First Lebanese Woman to climb Mount Everest
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