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Want to build bridges between communities and promote positive change in new ways?

Mountain Gipsy can support your quest for innovation and the search for new relationships with the public through brand collaborations and long-term or short-term partnerships. We believe authenticity and a sense of purpose are key for building and maintaining trust with an audience, thus our strategy goes beyond the product and can give meaning to employees, consumers and citizens.


Corporate social responsibility is critical for developing our communities’ social, environmental and economic foundations. At Mountain Gipsy we team-up with organizations to develop and implement community initiatives that leads to positive social impact.

Hike Hope Honor

During the month of October, we organize a public outdoor hiking event to raise awareness on Breast Cancer. The idea is to give hope for the men and women battling breast cancer and honor the survivors as well as the ones we lost. The event encourages everyone not to ignore the smallest signs and to get tested frequently.

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" Ready to amplify engagement and expand your reach in an authentic way?

Having a shared set of values and keeping an open mind is a good place to start. Take the next step and schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation with us today to explore the right opportunity.


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