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Mount Everest

Curly Adventures: Mount Everest

Armed with bravery, ambition and courage, Tima decides to follow her dream despite all odds. Based on a true story, Tima sets to climb the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. As she makes her way up, she encounters many obstacles and setbacks which put her journey at risk. With Milo and Athena by her side, will Tima be able to make it to the highest peak in the world or was everyone right when they said she could not do it?

Through her adventure, Tima realizes the importance of believing in oneself, persistence, and determination. She keeps going one step at a time towards reaching her dream by building a strong mindset and a resilient attitude.

If you are looking to inspire children, widen their horizon, increase their confidence, develop their growth mindset, and help them believe that they are limitless, then this is one of the best books you can gift them.

Empowering Book to Every Child with a Dream!

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 11, 2022

We bought this book as a gift to our cousin to inspire him to dream big and not be afraid to go after it. This is exactly what this book delivered! The fact that the story is based on true events made it even more powerful! The author (Tima) did a great job capturing the events that instill self confidence, courage, and inner strength! Highly recommended.


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